Rich Marshall - Photographer

Hi, I am a UK based photographer specialising in cycling, adventure and travel photography. 

Commercial clients have included ATB Financial, Tesco and Marks & Spencer for whom I have shot and retouched both outdoor and studio work.

Press photography includes news events for BBC, Metro, Daily Mirror and Manchester Evening News.

Recent Highlights - A three day promotional shoot with co-photographer Jennfier Doohan for Ride Eat Make - A Welsh adventure company run by ultra long-distance cyclist Mike Hall (the fastest man to cycle around the world) and Anna Haslock. Owners of the Transcontinental Race. See Jennfier's photography and retouching at

I also work as a graphic designer with over fourteen years professional experience working in studios and freelance. See my design portfolio.

If you wish to discuss any projects I would love to hear from you, please email me below.